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THE LAMA LETTER is published quarterly by the Pennsylvania Llama & Alpaca Association. This newsletter provides information on the latest happenings in the lama community, locally and worldwide. There are in-depth articles on various lama related subjects. Many topics of importance to members are covered including coming events, minutes of Board of Directors and annual membership meetings, elections and committees, and numerous other items of interest that PLAA members want to share with others.

The newsletter also provides an opportunity for advertising llamas, alpacas and related goods and services.

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Deadlines for submitting ads and articles are: January 10, April 10, July 10 & October 10.


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February 2016 Vol. XXI No. 1

President’s Message – Sherry Lynch
Cody, The Teeny Tiny Alpaca  – 
Article & Photos by Amber Isaac
Letter from The Editor
 – Emily Orischak
Thoughts on Llamas as Livestock Guardian 
– Marc Page
Cold Weather Management Tips for Camelids 
– Stephen Hull, PhD & Tom Cameron DVM
Alpacas get their day to shine at Farm Show 
– Ad Crable (Reprinted from Lancaster Online January 2016)
Pamela Walker DVM  to Speak at the Annual PLAA Meeting
A Better Mousetrap – RJ Stangherlin
PLAA 2015 Fiber Festival in Review
 – Review & Photos by RJ Stangherlin                                                              
Cleaning out the Freezer Challenge – Jo Griffith
Llama Snowman Contest
Cody, The Teeny Tiny Alpaca  – Article & Photos by Amber Isaac
Diving for Cucumbers – Bev Vienckowski
What’s New at the Farm?

November 2015 Vol. XX No. 4

President’s Message – Sherry Lynch
Letter from The Editor 
– Bev Vienckowski
Report of the Committee of Infectious Diseases…USAHA Annual Meeting 
– Chuck Massengill
USDA Assists in Bringing Commercial Dehairing Operations Back to US  
– USDA Blog Post (30 October 2015)
Product Review: The Jug Waterer  – Carol Reigh
Class Animal Election by Next Generation Llama Ambassador – Michael D’Aulerio (5th grade student)
GALA 2015: Coming Home
 – RJ Stangherlin                                                              
Pet Partners with Llamas – Niki Kuklenski
PLAA Members at GALA Conference, “Join The Magic” Oct. 29- Nov. 1  The Inn at Reading – Emily Orischak
What They Mean to Me  – Emily Orischak                                                              
What’s New at the Farm

August 2015 Vol. XX No. 3

President’s Message – Sherry Lynch
Medical Research Update from Dr. Lakritz 
– Jeff Lakrits DVM PhD 
Ag Progress Days August 18-20 
– Anita Collins
Product Review: Fly Predators 
– Carol Reigh 
Llamas Spread Smiles, Supplies to Wimberley Flood Victims  – Kris Betts KVUE
I AM Gunner – Story & Illustration by Emma VanDerslice
A Modern Fairy Tale
 – Story & Photos by RJ Stangherlin                                                              
Llama Antibodies Reach The Parts Others Do Not – Reprinted from Understanding Animal Research (16 June 2015)
Latest Update on the Camelid Jamboree! – from Camelid Community
Lessons Learned: Mentoring Safety  – One Lucky Llama Lady
The Art of Forgiveness – Carol Reigh
Christy Brinkley – Jane Hamilton-Merritt
What’s New at the Farm?

May 2015 Vol. XX No. 2

President’s Message – Sherry Lynch
Antiparasitic Resistance in Cattle & Small Ruminants in the US: How to Detect It & What to Do About It – FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine
PLAA Annual Business Meeting March 22, 2014

Join The Magic! GALA 2015  The 28th Annual GALA Conference
Living Without Is Living For – RJ Stangherlin
Product Review: Another Use of WD40! The Story of Harley & The Gum Weed – Jerry Dunn, Bear Track Farm (Reprinted RMLAA)
Pack Llamas Get OK After Proposed Ban in Alaska National Parks – Megan Edge (Reprinted from Alaska Dispatch News, March 29, 2015)
Faces in the Crowd – Annual Meeting 2015 – Photos and Captions by Bob Wolfe
ABS: A Preventable Condition – Marc Page, Sputtermill Ranch Llamas, Petersham MA
Creating Designer Wet Felt 101:A – Patricia McKinney, Garden Gate Llamas, York PA
Manure Than You Can Handle! AND…You Can’t Train What You Can’t Catch! 
– RJ Stangherlin
What’s New at the Farm? – Bev Vienckowski
Partner with Vets Award 2015 
Training to Lead in a PACK String 
– Charlie Hackbarth, Mr. Sopris Llamas

February 2015 Vol. XX No. 1

President’s Message – Marsha Timmerman
PLAA Annual Meeting Update 

Help Your Veterinarian Learn More About Camelids 
– Courtesy of Karen ConynghamILR Rep to the US Animal Health Assoc.
Moredun launches Barbervax – a vaccine for Barbers Pole Worm 
– Reprinted from
Product Review: Carhartts – Carol Reigh
He’s Driving me &?#%! I Mean…He’s Driving Me!– Tom Hudgin
Re-Cap of the PLAA Fall Fiber Arts Festival
 – RJ Stangherlin
Camelid Community: Jamboree Targets New Owners – September 19-20, 2015 Ellsworth, Wisconsin
National Park Service Llama Packing Ban Alert! – Phil Nuechterlein
Tribute to Dick Snyder 1940 – 2014  – Jane Hamilton-Merritt
What’s New at the Farm? – PLAA website News and Past Special Events pages
Creative Camelid Income – Teri Conroy

November 2014 Vol. XIX No. 4

President’s Message – Marsha Timmerman
Report on the US Animal Health Association 2014 Annual Meeting 
– Karen Conynham & Susan Tellez
PLAA Members at GALA Conference

“Enjoying Lamas ” October 24-24, Portland ME 
Rescue in a Snowstorm – Susi Hulsmeyer-Sinay
Product Review: FeltLOOM – Kathy Cooley
Blue Tongue Virus Confirmed in NJ 
Triage on the Farm – Charlene Arendas DVM
What’s New at the Farm? – Bev Vienckowski
2014 has been a Landmark Year for PLAA – Hosting 2 Fiber Festivals – Bev Vienckowski
A Renaissance Child Fun Day with Gavin – Bev Vienckowski

August 2014 Vol. XIX No. 3

President’s Message – Marsha Timmerman
Potential New Dewormer on the Horizon 
– Ann Bodynk
Westmoreland County Animal Response Team (CART) Members Train for Hazardous Spills 
– Jan Merlino
Product Review: The Tennent ATLV 4300 
– Cynthia Rossi 
The Joy of Paying It Forward – Bev Vienckowski
Lamas Love Libraries – Cynthia Rossi
Appreciating the Intangible Aspects of Farming
 – Bill Croushore DVM                                                              
Fiber, Fine Fiber, Food, Flowers & Llamas…Lots of Them – Jane Hamilton-Merritt
3rd Annual Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Co-operative Sort Day – Carol Reigh
PLAA at Ag Progress Days at Penn State, August 12-14, 2014  – Anita Collins
Poisonous Plant – Ann Bodynk
Summer PLAA Felting Workshop Brings out the Artistic Side of our Members – Patricia McKinney
Face-lifting our Assets  – RJ Stangherlin
Hyperkeratotic Skin Conditions in New World Camelids – Sandra D. Taylor DVM PhD DACVIM
In Memoriam for Dr. Murray Fowler – David E. Anderson DVM MS DACVS

May 2014 Vol. XIX No. 2

President’s Message – Marsha Timmerman
Caring & Comfort for the Down Lama – Cynthia Rossi
PLAA Annual Business Meeting March 22, 2014 – Karen Taylor
Llamas, Basketball & PLAA – Jane Hamilton-Merritt
Product Review: Super Duper Stuff Mover – Anita Collins
Letter to the Editor – Ann Bodynk
Faces in the Crowd Annual Meeting – Bob Wolfe
Operation Never Forgotten: Llamas & Warriors as Hiking Companions – Susi Hulsmeyer-Sinay, Yellowstone Llamas, Bozeman MT
From SOCIAL to SALES: Selling Your Story – RJ Stangherlin
What’s New at the Farm – Bev Bienckowski
The Great Llama Race 2014 – Rebecca Wood
Summertime Wet Felting Workshop 101 – Pat McKinney

November 2013 Vol. XVIII No. 4

Report on US Animal Health Association – Karen Conyngham
Llamas and Rickets – Al & Sondra Ellis
Pre-Peru Trip Tips – Carol Reigh
Product Review: DR Powerwagon – Anita Collins
Camelids & Blister Beetles in Alfalfa Hay – Karen Conyngham
Don’t Forget to Visit PLAA on Facebook
What is Teff Hay and is it Suitable for Llamas? –
 Bev Vienckowski
What’s New at the Farm?
Camelids in Ancient South America –
 Anita Collins
Noticing the Shiny Thread – Bev Vienckowski

May 2014 Vol. XIX No. 2

Letters to the Editor
Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas – 
IRC Council
Bluetongue Disease in Camelids – Scott Noga
Product Review: My Experience with M-T-G – Ann Bodnyk
Should You Geld Your Pack Llamas? – Al & Sondra Ellis
Don’t Forget to Visit PLAA on Facebook
Gone Ape –
 Scott Noga
PLAA Members at GALA Conference November 7-10, 2013
Some Toenail Tips and Other Helpful Hints –
 Carol Reigh & Bev Vienkowski
How a Dedicated Worker Saved a Cria – Bob Wolfe
Llama Fun Day! – Carol Reigh & Kathy Cooley
Spotted at the Big E

August 2013 Vol. XVIII No. 3

Care of the Geriatric Camelid – Charlene Arendas, DVM
How Close is Too Close – Jerry Dunn
PLAA Funded Ohio State University Research Completed – John Mosovsky
Product Review: Alpaca & Llama Insect Spray – Candace Wingo
Camelid Emergency Preparedness – Karen Conygham
It’s Spring! What’s in Your Pasture – Missouri Llama Association Newsletter
Llamas Get Good Press – Carol Reigh
Camelid Community 2013: Help Jump Start Our Industry – Editors Note
NSAIDS: Arthritis/Pain Relief for Camelids – Charlene Arendas DVM
Alternative Pain Relief for Camelids – Charlene Arendas DVM
Scooter the Llama on the Loose Gets Tasered! – Open Forum
Hot Weather Tips – Carol Reigh, Tabbethia Haubold & Ann Bodnyk
2013 Pacific NW Fiber Cooperative Sort News – Carol Reigh & Bev Vienckowski
First Aid Kit for Camelids – Kristy Brown DVM

May 2013 Vol. XVIII No. 2

Ask the CSU Vets – Kathy Stanko
PLAA Annual Business Meeting, March 16, 2013
Lama Meat? It’s Here! – 
Ann Bodnyk
Product Review: CHAFFHAYE “Pasture-in-a-Bag” – Cynthia Rossi
PLAA Treasurer’s Report, Year 2012 – Chuck Leach
Faces in the Crowd: PLAA Annual Meeting, March 23, 2013
Ohio State Fair Llama & Fiber Show Coming Soon with Good Stuff! – 
Donna Moore
Sexual Awareness in Llamas – Ron Baird
So, When is Marisol’s New Cria Due?
Llama Lessons Learned –
 Al & Sondra Ellis
Our PLAA Partners with Vets Recipients
Muddy Creek Veterinary Service – 
James A. Cohagan DVM

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