Kristy Glass Knits Interviews Long Island yarn & farm’s Tabbethia Haubold

“He was just about to fall asleep.”
When I came back he was sound asleep…at Buck Hollow Llamas …dreaming of sugar plums I am sure. Or perhaps green grass.

“Great Seeing Llamas Promoted Heavily for Great Animals They Are!” Meet Long Island yarn & farm‘s Newest Farm Family Member

It’s a boy! Our latest cria was born at the end of September, weighing in at 27.2 lbs (llama crias range from 20-30 lbs at birth) and has been gaining a pound a day his first few weeks! His dam is Luck Etta ABSR, and his sire is BAL Count Me. He may be the last of Count’s crias, since we will be retiring him from stud soon. The baby has no name yet, but his pedigree name, like those of all Count’s crias, will have the word “Count” included in it, so stay tuned! He is “Jackson”‘s maternal half-brother, but the two have very different personalities. This little guy, the spitting image of his dam, is very curious, already coming up to investigate and sniff human visitors! You can click here and here to see videos of his birth, and here to see one of him learning to walk and nurse.

Meet The Crias of Long Island yarn & farm

Morning Meeting at Wunsapana Farm (it appears some weren’t invited…)

Look Who’s New at Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc.

According to Carol Reigh, Daffy tries to ignore our two new mousers. When she isn’t sleeping she is growling at them. Sure hope she learns to tolerate them better. Thanks Rachel Diamond for these two precious kittens.

Q: Who Was Trick or Treating at Your Door?

A: Long Island Yarn & Farm

Cabelas Uses Niki Anderson Kuklenski’s Cayetano in Instagram Post “Great Seeing Llamas Promoted Heavily for Great Animals They Are!”

Long Island yarn & farm Solid Rock’s Sir Arthur Rocks The Hampton Classic Horse Show September 2017

Amazing athleticism. Tabbethia Haubold bring out the best in her llama’s showmanship.

Proudly Announcing A Blue Sky Fibers Partnership

The the first of a series of a limited edition, made-in-the-USA collaboration. American Scenic is being offered in 4 beautiful color options: Blue Sky, Sandy Beach, River Rock, and North Shore. Designed by Tabbethia Haubold, this worsted weight yarn is a soft blend of 50% US alpaca, 30% US Merino and 20% silk. Available for purchase 2017.

LILCO’s Rebranding Picture Perfect

LONG ISLAND yarn & farm Wins at Prestigious Ohio State Fair Llama & Fiber Show July 2017

Long Island yarn & farm‘s Finn & Bellisario Llama Ambassadors at Brookhaven Wildlife & Ecology Center & Animal Preserve

Long Island Livestock Bringing Home Medals From Another Great March Llama Madness Show 2017

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