Long Island yarn & farm Rings In The New Year With 2018 Best 9 On Instagram

Happy New Year, everyone!  Tabbethia Haubold and the people at LIYF hope your holidays were fantastic.  Thank you so much for your support throughout 2018, and for doing your holiday shopping with us!  We’re looking forward to bringing you more new yarns, products, and events (like new BABIES!) in 2019.  And be sure to watch your email for a special edition newsletter recapping LIYF in 2018.  Above is pictured our “Best 9” of 2018 – it’s the nine Instagram posts most liked by your followers!  Click here to see what your “Best 9” are.  We did My Year Of Colour on Instagram for the first time this year and the natural colors of all of our fiber babies shone through!  Creating a yarn and a product line that helps to put “A face with the fiber” has always been LIYF’s mission statement.  My Year Of Colour searches through all your Instagram posts from the year before and creates a color collage of your most often used colors.  Click here to make your own!  Happy New Year everyone and may you always show your true colors.
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