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View our Resources on Veterinarians, Emergency Contacts, Shearers, Fiber Mills, the Llama Fiber Cooperative of North America, and Mentoring.

Out & About

Promoting members who host events on a regular basis. Llama and alpaca walks, crafting, animal shearing, educational venues and more!

For Sale

Promoting members who have products for sale throughout the year. You’ll find unique, frequently one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted specialty options.

Education, Innovation, and Opportunity.

Connecting the LAMA Community

Pennsylvania Llama & Alpaca Association

Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Llama and Alpaca Association is a cooperative group of llama and alpaca breeders and enthusiasts from Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The membership is diverse in size of herds, vocations and backgrounds. A primary purpose of the organization is to promote awareness of camelids. It also serves to educate the membership and provides opportunities for various camelid activities, socializing and supporting new llama owners.
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